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why choose vyapardost
Over Procure Tiger ?

Procure Tiger is leading reverse auction sites in India.
Vyapardost is Next generation procurement automation software.
We will help you decide, what's best for you!

Why vyapardost is
#1 Alternative of Procure Tiger.
Cost Per Auction ~ ₹ 1000 ~ ₹ 10,000
Auction Setup Time ~ 5 min ~ Hours
E - Auction
Marketplace of seller
Match seller & all Items
Mobile - Bid on the go High Engagement Low Engagement
Multiple Projects
Role based Staff access
Updates to all sellers
Contract Management
Amendment of Enquiry
Analytics & Advance Features
Track Enquiry Status
Spend Analytics
Smart Terms
Automation & Team management
Order Automation
Digital Signature
Audit Control

Next Generation
Procurement Software

Say goodbye to project delay, Hello to Savings!

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Limiting Procure Tiger E-auction

because of High Costs?

Procure Tiger

  1. Organizations even after saving with e-auction, limit the number of auctions they perform on procure tiger because of heavy auction cost.
  2. High cost is mainly because of the complex process of e-auction as it requires dedicated resources.
  3. The platform is not mobile first and bit complex for seller to submit the bids, leading to low suppler engagement and reduction in potential saving.
  4. It’s mainly auction platform and lacks the advance procurement automation capabilities.

Vyapar Dost

  1. Vyapardost cost only 1/4th of the major auction platforms available.
  2. The reason for the low cost is that creating an auction on VyaparDost is a quick and simple process that does not require any dedicated resources.
  3. Our mobile first approach and intuitive UI increases the seller engagement giving better savings.
  4. It has advance procurement automation capabilities that most of the auction software lacks in the market..

One app to replace them all.

Procurement, e-auction, vendor management, spend analytics, marketplace.

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