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why choose vyapardost
Over SAP Ariba ?

SAP Ariba is one of the oldest procurement software,
Vyapardost is Next generation procurement automation.
We will help you decide, what's best for you!

Why vyapardost is
#1 Alternative of SAP Ariba.
Cost ~ only 33% of SAP ~ 3 Times more Costly
Learning Curve Very Easy Very Difficult
Training cost Zero - Free Training Hefty Charges
Implementation ~ 1 Day ~ 30-60 Days
Business Consultant Inhouse Free Support 3rd Party High cost
Functional Consultant Inhouse Free Support 3rd Party High cost
Time for procurement activity 25% of SAP 4 times More
Clicks for procurement activity 25% of SAP 4 times More
Open Marketplace
Chat with Individual Seller
Group Updates to all sellers
Amendment of Enquiry
Analytics & Comparison Additional Cost
Smart Terms & Conditions
Contract Management
Digital Signature & OTP Authentication
Activity/Audit Trail

Next Generation
Procurement Software

Say goodbye to project delay, Hello to Savings!

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is using SAP, makes sense?

SAP Ariba

  1. SAP's complex interface requiring costly training & business and functional consultants to implement.
  2. SAP software caters mainly to large enterprises, making it unaffordable for MSMEs.
  3. Users struggle with terms such as PR, RFQ, RFP, RFI, GRN, etc. finding it challenging to learn SAP.
  4. Old age software results in unnecessary data silos, with data duplicated across PR, RFQ, GRN, and PO.

Vyapar Dost

  1. Our new-age technology and intuitive interface requires no training and can be implemented in a day at zero cost.
  2. Our modern approach and cutting age technology makes everything from supplier discovery to order fulfillment a breeze.
  3. vyapardost is affordable and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

One app to replace them all.

Procurement, e-auction, vendor management, spend analytics, marketplace.

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