Top 8 Real Estate Tech Startups of 2023

top 10 construction tech startup 2023 top 10 real estate startup 2023

Contract Management

Complete more construction projects

With same team size.

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Contract Management Software

Save time, over head, money


Faster in PO Cycle


Faster Negotiation


Reduction Manual work


Direct Savings

Contract & order management

construction contract management

Paperless Processing

Execute and manage all orders & contracts documentation effectively without a single printout

construction approval

Approvals on-the-go

Manage approvals effectively without a printout. Smart alerts reach stakeholders at the right time, to avoid delay.

team management

Team Management

Manage teams, track progress, roles based access, activity control.

construction cloud management

Cloud storage

Getting past price given to any vendor for any product in a click of a button. Take informed decisions with data and analytics stored in cloud.

Give power yo your
purchase and contracts teams

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One app to replace them all.

Procurement, e-auction, vendor management, spend analytics, marketplace.

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