Top 8 Real Estate Tech Startups of 2023

Top 10 Cobstruction Startup Top 10 Cobstruction Startup

Go with Data, Not Gut
Spend Analytics

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Stop comparisonon outdated excel

procurement spend analytics

Turn data into
Actionable Insights

construction costing

Spend Analysis

Spend analysis based on each project, product, staff and vendor and its comparison with previous months will help you avoid frauds, identify best performing staff, project spend variance and lot more.

Spend Distribution

Insights of distribution of orders across different price band, so you can identify items that are causing high spent in different categories.

construction cost management
construction budget

Spend Overview

Insights of Actual vs budget spend, unusual spend, rise in orders keeps you ahead in identifying over spents.

Smart Comparison

Compare terms smartly, item wise percentage rate difference of each vendor puts you ahead on negotiation table. So you can negotiate further with facts and figures.

construction cost comparison

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Procurement, e-auction, vendor management, spend analytics, marketplace.

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